About us

Our mission is to render effective services which want to assure that feeding products are guaranteed under different aspects: hygienic-sanitary, nutritional, organolepctic and service. Relevant parts are environment respect, animal wellness and consumer requirements.

PF wants to assure to their customers the best possible counseling and the necessary services, starting from primary productions, in order to implement a traceability for food, feed, animals for food industry and its subsequent transformation  and distribution. Primary field is, nowadays, undergoing a huge competitive challenge due to the strictest ties in food and agro-industrial processing chains.

It is very important to grant traceability in the food supply chain and give the possibility to trace the product itself in every specific components during all phases of the production progression. PF with its team of veterinary surgeons and qualified technicians can grant the essential aid either to agro-zoo- technical operators or food chain field ones.

PF promotes, moreover, for the zoo technical and veterinary field the use of Ozone therapy. PF devotes its own skills for the production of machineries to produce ozonized air or water and to create specific “cosmetics” (OzOO Line) to better animal wellness. It does not matter if pet or income animals.

  • Strategy analysis
  • Organization, technical and commercial support
  • Agent research and entering
  • Research and development for products and services
  • Promotion and diffusion of ozone therapy in zoo technical and veterinary field